Valencia is a perfect city for design’s education, thanks to the quality of its professionals. In the 80s the city underwent a boom in design along with the IMPIVA, which helped the companies to bet on design. Throughout those years several professionals arose, for instance, those who made up the group La Nave.

As a result of that explosion that turned Valencia into an important centre of design at a national scale during those years, nowadays the level of professionals in design is very high and has nothing to be jealous of cities like Madrid or Barcelona. Currently, the school takes advantage of this level, incorporating these professionals into their classrooms.

Besides, Valencia is a city that also has the perfect structure to study in there. Accommodation prices are not as high as compared to those in Madrid or Barcelona and are even cheaper than Bilbao or Sevilla. The city enjoys a fantastic weather, hardly cold in winter, very little rain, a lot of sun and daylight.

Valencia is a flat town, so it is easy to move around by bike with a bike-way which is more and more present everyday. It has a good public transport service that joins the neighbourhoods which are further from the centre using the bus, subway or tram. Valencia is also a university city, honoured to be the main choice of the Erasmus students all over Europe.

As the school doesn’t have any accomodation, we offer you some links where you can find accomodation.


Blasco Ibañez (university area)
El Carmen (old and centre town, where the School is located)
Ruzafa (modern area)
Benimaclet (tipical neirgbourhood, student area)
El Cabanyal (near the beach)
Ramón Llull (student area)
Plaza Honduras (student area)
Plaza del Cedro (student area)