Educational Offer

The main language of the courses is Spanish. Even though, there are a few courses that are taught in English in the first semester.
There is, also, a 6 ECTS (5 hours a week) Spanish Language Course, optional for the Erasmus. The level of this course depends on the level of all the students attending. Usually a B1 level.


Here you can find more detailed information about our different educational degrees and its subjects (optional subjects not included):

Fashion Design | pdf | 290.1 KiB

Graphic Design | pdf | 302.5 KiB

Interior Design | pdf | 349.9 KiB

Jewellery and Object Design | pdf | 258.3 KiB

Photography and Audiovisual Design | pdf | 222.1 KiB

Product Design | pdf | 222.3 KiB

OptionaSubjects17-18 | pdf | 152.0 KiB

Study the subjects that you prefer at our College.

  • Check the educational offer and choose the subjects that you like the most from the Educational Offer document.
  • Check the timetables of the different subjects.
  • Download and fill in the registration form.
  • Submit the form or send it on-line to the EASD International Office before the 15th of November (Spring Semester) and 15th of May (Winter Semester)



GRADO Producto M | pdf | 313.9 KiB

GRADO Foto M | pdf | 182.0 KiB

GRADO Grafico M | pdf | 349.7 KiB

GRADO Interiores | pdf | 362.6 KiB

GRADO Joyeria M | pdf | 212.8 KiB

GRADO Moda M | pdf | 384.0 KiB

1617 OPTATIVAS | pdf | 216.5 KiB