Educational Offer

The main language of the courses is Spanish.

We offer a free intensive Spanish course from Spetember 3rd to 21st. for all the students who doesn’t speak Spanish. No credits awarded in this course.
There is, also, a 6 ECTS Spanish Language Course, optional for the Erasmus. A2 – B1 level.

Until the end of June the subjects could move from one semester to another, but the optional subjects will remain in the winter semester.

Here you can find more detailed information about our different educational degrees and its subjects. Optional subjects only Winter Semester.

Here you will find when the subjects take place during the semesters and the information of what is done in every subject. All the subjects last one semester.

Remember that the optional subjects only takes part in the winter semester and are 6ECTS.


Winter Subjects 22-23 | pdf | 154.7 KiB

Spring Subjects 22-23 | pdf | 141.6 KiB