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The Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València is one of the greatest design’s public schools in the country. Its origins date back to the XIX century with the teaching of Applied Arts. Since the very beginning, the School has been strongly associated to professional environments; among its teachers there’s have always been specialists at artistic purposes.

In the 90s, the EASD bet firmly on design teaching and guided its pedagogy towards the “project”. This meant a change in the concept and a transformation which many schools followed afterwards.

Throughout these years, the EASD of València has consolidated its project as a center strengthening the contact with teachers and taking part in the process of teaching. “To learn to design, you have to design” is the thought that holds up all the specialisations of the EASD of València: the learning through the practice, the experience and the investigation and development of creativity.

Nowadays the School counts on more than 1900 students distributed among six specialisations: fashion design, product, graphic, interior, photography and jewellery; all of them considered as degrees.