How do we work / Cómo trabajamos

Our aim is to turn the students into design professionals. To reach this goal, we assume that we have two points to bring about: the first one is to be near the profession, and the second one, to focus on the project. Thus, throughout the year many talks and professional courses are carried out at the School, as well as working on real projects within the classrooms.

Over the years EASD-Valencia has adopted various educational approaches, although these have always been centred on direct teaching and hands-on practice in the workshop. This is now changing around two main ideas: Coordination between the educational and professional spheres forms the basis of teaching work, incorporating professional experience into the curriculum.

“Designing is how you learn to design”. This is why Design education is carried out through immersion. We offer an integrated approach to design. Educational courses have gradually moved towards an integrated model in which the concepts and the combination of different areas of knowledge offer a more all-encompassing educational approach. During the students’ last year of training, this educational experience is further enhanced with optional subjects to be chosen by the students, who will also carry out real projects and work experience in companies, allowing them to prepare for and adapt to the world of work.

Cómo Trabajamos

Nuestro objetivo es convertir a los estudiantes en profesionales del Diseño. Para lograrlo, entendemos que hay que hacer dos cosas, la primera: estar cerca de la profesión; la segunda: centrarse en el proyecto. Por eso durante el curso se realizan en la escuela numerosas charlas y cursos de profesionales, así como el alumnado trabaja en las aulas proyectos reales.