Valencia is a perfect city for design’s education, thanks to the quality of its professionals.
(Nowadays the level of professionals in design is very high and has nothing to be jealous of cities like Madrid or Barcelona)
Currently has been nominated to be Capital of Design in 2022.


Besides, Valencia is a city that also has the perfect structure to study in there. Accommodation prices are not as high as compared to those in Madrid or Barcelona and are even cheaper than Bilbao or Sevilla.
The city enjoys a fantastic weather, hardly cold in winter, very little rain, a lot of sun and daylight.
Valencia is a flat town, so it is easy to move around by bike with a bike-way which is more and more present everyday. It has a good public transport service that joins the neighbourhoods which are further from the centre using the bus, subway or tram. Valencia is also a university city, honoured to be the one of the main choices of the Erasmus students all over Europe.
EASD Valencia does not provide of any residence but we offer you some links where you can find accomodation.

Student Residence

FLATS ONLY FOR FEMALE STUDENTS: two rooms for rent in a first floor apartment in the historic center, 10 minutes walk from the EASD. Shared bathroom and kitchen with the owner, Julia, a 21-year-old student. Pets not allowed. No elevator. Room prices €450 and €550. Separate charge. Tel: 673131608. (of trust) (of trust) The platform for young people (of trust) (of trust) 10% using the code: EASD


If you are not sure to hire a flat/room before you personaly check it, you can stay a few days in a hostel and visit the place so as to make sure that you like the appartment and the neighbourhood.



Mi campus residencias. Special offer for Erasmus of the EASD Valencia.

Colegio mayor Saomar. Only women:


On that link, you will find a map with the best areas to rent a flat. Every area has a comment, so read it before to take a decision.