Aromas Itinerarium Salutis Project

Internacional - Investigación — 04 julio 2022

In October 2021, the «1st European Symposium Drugs & Colors in History: from the past to the present» (…) was held in Valencia (Spain), which was organized by the University of Valencia, the Escola d`Art i Superior de Disseny de València and the Asociación Internacional Aromas Itinerarium Salutis (, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society-Generalitat Valenciana. Research groups and individual researchers from different European countries who share their interest in the study of drugs and colors from an interdisciplinary point of view presented unpublished works on these two fields that were historically closely related, as shown by the studies carried out to date in different collections from old monastic, hospital and community apothecaries. The first session of the European Drugs & Colors 2021 symposium was dedicated to the project «Roma Hispana: Artificial Intelligence and New Technologies applied to the study, musealization, and dissemination of Spanish cultural heritage in Rome: the spezieria of Santa Maria della Scala» (

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